Monday, July 11, 2011

Back in Action

We're back from an amazing Canadian vacation/road trip to Quebec City and Montreal.

Both cities were beautiful and enchanting in their own ways. Quebec City is a very sleepy town filled with history. It was quaint, charming and quite relaxing. Plus we had a view of the whole city from our hotel room, can't get much better than that.

On the third day of the trip we headed over to Montreal. It is a vibrant, fun and culturally rich place which we really enjoyed exploring. Here are some of the trip highlights:

1) Shopping along cobblestone streets in buildings from the early 1800s
2) Watching soldiers march in funny hats
3) Enjoying a drink on our terrace overlooking all of Quebec City
4) Exploring the archeological ruins of old Montreal
5) Climbing to the top of Mount Royal
6) Seeing a waterfall that is taller than Niagara Falls!
7) Playing with giant chess pieces

8) Seeing an incredible cathedral all lit up!
9) Going to the beach without leaving the city
10) Learning that I LOVE ESCARGOT!
11) Enjoying some of the best french/quebecois food we've ever had
12) Seeing Cirqu Du Soleil in the famous blue and yellow tent

And much much more! More photos to come later via facebook and flickr as Zach uploads them. Glad to be back, but really enjoyed the vacation!


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